Senate District Letters

I have created a Budget Documents Page, which includes the “budget books” prepared by the administration in connection with its presentation of the budget, and the Department of Treasury’s Interim Final Rule, which governs the use of the American Rescue Plan Act funds incorporated into the budget.  I will update this page as additional information becomes available.

In my January 16, 2022 Letter, I provide an update on the legislative redistricting process and discuss the housing shortage in the City and the State.

In my January 9, 2022 Letter , I discuss three votes in the Senate’s opening session, in which it  approved a supplemental budget of federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds and overrode two vetoes.

In my December 19 letter, I discuss the supplemental federal budget that the Senate Finance Committee approved as a “down payment” of American Rescue Plan Act funds.

In my December 12 letter, I discuss this year’s legislative grants and the Governor’s changes to the Council 94 collective bargaining agreement.

In my December 9, 2021 Letter, I discuss the Senate redistricting process.

In my December 5 letter, I discuss the recently approved collective bargaining agreement with State employee Council 94.

In my November 28 letter, I discuss the Senate Finance Committee’s review of “safety net” programs contained with the Governor’s “down payment” budget for spending the first 10% of federal funds.

In my November 24 letter, I describe the legislative grant process.

In my November 21 letter, I review the Rhode Island 2030 working document prepared by the administration to provide guidance for the use of American Rescue Plan Act funds.

In my November 14 letter, I describe the general principles Congress established for the proper use of American Rescue Plan Act funds allocated to States through the State Fiscal Relief Fund program.

In my November 5 letter, I discuss the Senate Oversight Committee’s second hearing on the Providence Public Schools takeover by the State.