2024 Senate District Letters

My January 7, 2024 letter discusses some of the federal pandemic relief funds awarded to the State, and the concerns I have with imminent deadlines for their use.

My January 14 letter discusses the transitions we will be seeing in the budgets of the State and the Providence Public Schools.

On January 18, the Governor released the documents supporting his budget for the 2024-25 fiscal year.  I prepared a Budget Page that compiles those documents.

My January 21 letter provides some initial observations of the Governor’s budget presentation, and a progress report of the Senate commission studying the Providence Public Schools.

My January 28 letter discusses the Senate commission studying the Providence Public Schools and the State’s plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

I have introduced 14 bills in this year’s General Assembly.  You can review them by clicking on this link.

My February 4 letter discusses the rate review process for behavioral health services and revisions to the State’s budgeted use of federal pandemic relief funds.

My February 11 letter discusses procurement reform, the federal pandemic relief aid budget and upcoming oversight hearings on the Washington Bridge project.

My February 18 letter describes the first oversight hearing reviewing the Washington Bridge closure.

My March 3 letter describes how the recent engineer’s report has changed my understanding of the past, present and future of the Washington Bridge span that RIDOT closed in December.

My March 10 letter discusses the Finance Committee’s review of the Economic Development Corporation and the “state share” component of the school funding formula.

My March 17 letter discusses student attendance, education funding and the Senate study commission reviewing Providence Public Schools.

My March 24 letter discusses the ongoing work of the Senate commission studying possible reforms in the Providence Public School Department (“PPSD”).

My March 31 letter discusses the State’s ongoing relationship with the St. Mary’s Home, and the issue of unfunded mandates.

My April 7 letter discusses a Constitutional right to education and a Constiutional convention.

My April 14 letter discusses the need for updates on the Washington Bridge, the sustainability of Medicaid programs after the expiration of federal pandemic relief funds and an upcoming community meeting.

My April 28 letter discusses the Department of Health’s pandemic resiliency program and the Governor’s re-allocation of federal pandemic relief funds.

My May 5 letter discussess how the state’s transportation policy measures against the Act on Climate mandates, and the progress of the study commission reviewing labor-management relations in the Providence Public Schools

My May 12 letter provides an overview of the final report of the Senate commission studying labor-management relations, site-based management and professional standards in the Providence Public Schools.

My May 19 letter describes this year’s Senate District 3 legislative grants program.

My May 26 letter outlines the budget process and lists the priorities I submitted to Senate leadership.

On May 31, the House Finance Committee released its legislative budget, modfiying the Governor’s.  My Budget Page now includes those documents following those from the Governor’s budget.

My June 2 letter discusses three ways in which the House Finance Committee budget changes the Governor’s budget.