August 16, 2022 Letter

Many of you have been gracious enough to share with me your thoughts and ideas about the State when I have interrupted your dinner.   Your feedback has helped to educate me about what is important to the residents of our District, while giving me new policy ideas to pursue if our District chooses to send me back for another term.  In this letter, I provide an update on mail ballots, early voting and voting precincts for the September 13 primary.

The deadline for submitting a mail ballot application is next Tuesday, August 23.  You can obtain the application form by clicking on this link, printing up and filling out the application form, and returning it to Providence City Hall by next Tuesday. 

Beginning on Wednesday, August 24, you can vote early in City Hall during business hours.  Early voting will continue through Monday, September 12.

Finally, you can vote on Primary Day,  September 13.   As a result of the 2022 redistricting, the Providence Board of Canvassers has divided Senate District 3 into a new set of precincts with new assigned polling stations.  You can find your polling station from the Secretary of State’s website by clicking on this link.   The polling station assignments are different from last year, but are similar (though far from identical) to the polling station assignments from the 2020 presidential election.  The following map and chart provide a rough idea of where your polling station is located, based on your home address:

If you are interested in supporting my campaign, you can do so by filling out a Volunteer Form or making a contribution.  Thank you again for your interest and your help.