2023 Budget Documents

The Senate Fiscal Office maintains a web page with links to all the documents presented at Finance Committee hearings.  To view those documents, please click here.

On April 7, the Senate Fiscal Office published this Analysis of the Governor’s budget.   

The Governor presented his budget on January 19.  You can view it by clicking on these links:

Budget Documents:

·         Presentation

·         Executive Summary

·         General Government and Quasi-Publics

·         Human Services

·         Education

·         Public Safety, Natural Resources, and Transportation

·         Capital Budget

·         Technical Appendix

Budget Bills:

·         FY2023 Supplemental Budget Bill (2023-H-5199)

·         FY2023 Budget Bill (2023-H-5200) (this link does not appear to be working yet, but should be as they load the document)

The Senate Fiscal Office has prepared an “First Look” at the Governor’s budget which you can review by clicking here.