2022-23 Budget Documents

This post will collect various documents related to the State budget for the fiscal year from July 1, 2022 — June 30, 2023.

The administration provided the following documents that describe his budget in a consolidated form as part of his initial presentation of the budget on January 20, 2022:

·         Presentation

·         Executive Summary

·         General Government and Quasi-Publics

·         Human Services

·         Education

·         Public Safety, Natural Resources, and Transportation

·         Capital Budget

·         Technical Appendix

The administration provided a chart which maps the programs using American Rescue Plan Act funds to the provision in ARPA that permits the expenditure of funds for that purpose.

The administration also provided legislative language (bills) for both the “down payment” supplemental budget approved on January 4 and the proposed budget for 2022-23 fiscal year:

·         FY2022 Supplemental Budget Bill

·         FY2023 Budget Bill

The federal government has provided guidance as to the permitted use of State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds under the American Rescue Plan Act in the form of a Final Rule:

Treasury SLFRF Final Rule

The Biden Administration has published guidance on the bipartisan infrastructure bill you can read by clicking here:  Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Guidance

The Senate Fiscal Office has prepared a “First Look” overview of the Governor’s budget that you can view by clicking here: Senate Fiscal Office “First Look”

At a January 31, 2022 hearing of the Senate Finance Committee, the administration presented an overview of the several federal funds budgets (including a first look at the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill) you can view by clicking here: Jan. 31 Overview

For our February 7, 2022 Town Hall Virtual Meeting, I prepared a Budget Summary Presentation compiled from selected slides the administration used to present the Governor’s budget.

The Senate Fiscal Office has prepared this Analysis of the State’s education aid program.

The Office of Management and Budget prepared this Compilation of the programs in the Governor’s ARPA Budget that may require future expenditures from the general funds operating budget when the federal funds are exhausted.

On June 10, the House Finance Committee posted its proposed Budget for the next fiscal year, including this Narrative Summary of the ways in which the proposed legislative budget changes the one presented by the Governor.

The Senate Finance Committee staff prepared this Analysis of the budget approved by the House Finance Committee, which did not receive substantial amendments prior to approval by the full House of Representatives.

The full Senate will now consider the House-passed budget.