2016 Ward Letters

My December 18 letter discusses Fire Dept. changes, infrastructure and the Fields Point LNG facility.

My  December 11 letter discusses the Fields Point LNG facility, Fire Department staffing changes and the Achievement First expansion application.

My December 4 letter discusses the Achievement First proposed expansion, the Fields Point LNG facility and improving the Prospect Terrace Park on Congdon Street.

My November 20 letter discusses the proposed expansion of Achievement First mayoral academy and the prospects of reviving the “zombie” infrastructure bond.

My November 13 letter discusses Tuesday’s national election, and the role of character in the Presidency.

My November 6 letter discusses Tuesday’s ballot questions and the fire fighters’ contract.

My October 30 letter discusses the application to expand the Achievement First mayoral academy, and proposals to introduce prudent fiscal practices to the City Council budget.

My October 23 letter discusses the end of the infrastructure bond and the fire fighters’ contract.

My October 16 letter discusses the infrastructure bond and the fire fighters’ contract.

My October 9 Ward Letter provides an update on the infrastructure bond.

My October 2 letter discusses open government, civil rights and the Fire Department budget.

My September 25 letter discusses lobbyist registration reform and the cost of fire protection.

My September 18 letter discusses the City Council committees’ distinctive priorities and an initial overview of the tentative agreement with the fire fighters.

My September 11 Ward Letter discusses diversity and equity in City government, voter petitions to obtain legislative hearings and RIPTA bus service for high school students.

My July 31 Ward Letter discusses the revised infrastructure bond ordinance.

My July 24 Ward Letter provides an update on the proposed $40 million infrastructure bond.

My July 17 letter discusses water quality testing in our schools and use of discretionary accounts for the City’s infrastructure program.

My July 10 Ward Letter discusses a diverse police force, water quality in our public schools, and a bond proposal for infrastructure repairs.

My June 19 Ward Letter discusses the recently approved City budget and its long-term financial plan.

My June 12 Ward Letter discusses  this week’s City Council meetings on final approval of the City budget.

My June 5 Ward Letter discusses the PVD Fest, and how it reflects on the City’s future.

My May 29 Ward Letter discusses the budget review process, open government initiatives and the registration of food trucks.

My May 22 Ward Letter discusses last week’s community meeting on the City’s finances, an audit of the City Council legislative grant program and two upcoming festivals.

My May 15 Letter discusses a meeting with the Mayor, the City’s capital budget and the City Council’s legislative grant program.

My May 8 Letter discusses the late tax payment penalty, equity and diversity in City employment and reserving funds to resolve the dispute with the fire fighters.

My May 1 letter discusses a neighborhood meeting with the Mayor, the NRN Fiscal Management Plan and the Mayor’s 2016-17 budget.

My April 29 letter discusses two weekend road races.

My April 24 letter discusses a crime watch meeting, the budget, parking meters and an upcoming road race.

My April 17 letter  discusses the School Department budget, the pedestrian bridge on the I-195 parcel, and credit charges for parking meters.

In my April 10 letter, I discuss a consultant’s report concerning the City’s finances that will inform the Mayor’s budget.

My April 3 letter discusses equity and diversity in the City workforce and water quality in our public schools.

My March 27 letter discusses the residential property revaluation process.

My March 20 letter discusses priorities for next year’s budget.

My March 13 letter discusses economic development and a new way to request City services.

My March 6 letter explains my reasons for voting against the administration’s proposed deficit reduction plan.

My February 28 letter discusses Providence Water construction projects, planning for the 6-10 Connector and long-term budget planning.

My February 21 letter discusses the property revaluation process and its possible impact on tax rates.

My February 16 letter discusses the State of the CIty address and the deficit reduction plan.

My February 7 letter discusses the Auditor General’s review of the City’s budget, lobbyist registration reform and Fire Department staffing.

My January 31 letter discusses the City’s second quarter financial performance, charter school budgetary impacts and enhancing the lobbyist registration program.

My January 24 letter discusses snow removal, Fire Department staffing and economic development.

My January 17 letter discussed I-195 development, snow removal and the school aid funding formula.

My January 10 letter discusses the installation of new streetlights, a study of Fire Department costs, and the conclusion of the street car project.

My January 3 letter discusses a mid-year assessment of the City’s finances.