My Projects

At its February 5, 2015 meeting, the City Council approved a Resolution I introduced to request a 24/7 telephone hotline to answer snow removal requests.

This year, I introduced an ordinance designed to limit the City’s homestead exemption to homeowners who register their cars in Providence.  A copy of the oridnance as first passed by the Council is here: homestead ordinance.pdf    The final version passed by the Council includes some technical amendments to conform with the provisions of the final approved budget, but the essential provisions of the new exemption program remained in place.

I introduced an ordinance to restrict political contributions by firms doing business with the City of Providence or seeking to do business with the City.  You can read the ordinance by clicking on this link: campaign finance reform

At its April 21 meeting, the City Council unanimously approved and co-sponsored a Resolution I introduced to request the administration to reduce the minimum parking meter fee for credit cards from $2.50 to $1.00.