May 15, 2024 Campaign Fund Raiser RSVP


Thank you for your interest in supporting my campaign and attending my fund raiser which will take place at:

India Restaurant, 1060 Hope Street
Wednesday, May 15, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

To attend, you can purchase a ticket in these amounts:

Guest ($100)

Supporter ($250)

Major Supporter ($500)

Sponsor ($1,000)

Other (minimum $100)

You can contribute online by clicking on this link.

If you wish to send a check by mail, please click on and print up this Contribution Form, make your check out to “Friends of Sam Zurier” and mail to this address:

Friends of Sam Zurier

330 Grotto Avenue

Providence, RI  02906

If you cannot attend but still wish to contribute to my campaign (in any amount you choose), you can do so by clicking on this link.


NOTE: I cannot accept contributions of more than $100 from lobbyists, PAC’s, State employees, unions or vendors, or contributions in any amount fossil fuel company executives.

Please indicate below whether you plan to attend:

Plans to attend