Campaign Fund Raiser RSVP

Thank you for your interest in attending my fund raiser.

To contribute by check, please make it out to “Friends of Sam Zurier,” print up a Contribution Form, fill it out, and mail it with the check to this address:

Friends of Sam Zurier
330 Grotto Avenue
Providence, RI 02906

If you wish to contribute by PayPal or by credit card, please fill in the information below and click on the “Submit” icon.   The next screen will give you the option of contributing via PayPal or credit card – contributions from either sources are gratefully accepted.

  • Please note that I accept a maximum of $100 in campaign contributions from the following:1. Political action committees; 2. Lobbyists; 3. Unions; 4. State employees; 5. Members of State boards and commissions who receive more than $1,000 of annual pay for this work;6. Companies that do business with the State of Rhode Island; andNo contributions from employees/directors/officers of fossil fuel companies.Thank you.