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Tomorrow’s Road Race

There is a road race that will affect travel in our neighborhood on Sunday, May 7). The route includes the bulk of Blackstone Boulevard and limits access from the Grotto Avenue neighborhood across Blackstone Boulevard primarily between 8:15 and 10:15 a.m. You can review a map by clicking here.

The runners will be in the northbound travel lane of the Boulevard. For the most part, residents in the Grotto Avenue neighborhood will be able to access the Boulevard northbound by driving in the parking lane. They can proceed into Pawtucket via Alfred Stone Road and Pleasant Street and access Route 95 north or south from there.

People who wish to cross the Boulevard to access the rest of the City should do so at President Avenue.  A police officer will be present to wave cars through when there are gaps in the runners.  If you have a flexible schedule, you can avoid the runners by traveling before 8:10 or so.  The peak volume of runners will be between 8:15 and 9:15.

Lieutenant Ryan will be on call to assist residents who have questions. You can reach him tomorrow at (401) 301-7442.

Many residents each year ask me what I can do to change the route and/or make this race go away.  On the other hand, runners contact me and say that residents should just deal with it because the race is a valuable contribution to society and an ethic of fitness, and that any discussion of changing it is an affront to the well-being of society.  To both groups I say that this race was arranged by Governor Sundlun on behalf of the State, and cannot be changed by the City Council, so I ask you all to enjoy the race or at least make the best of this situation, as I will tomorrow from my home on Grotto Avenue.


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January 15 Ward Letter

When the new administration and City Council took office in 2015, we did not face a “Category 5 fiscal hurricane.”  Instead, the Mayor’s inaugural address, budget address and State of the City address identified goals of solving the City’s structural financial issues (to avoid “kicking the can down the road”) improving city services (to create a “city that works”) and supporting education (developing “a culture of excellence at every school.”  As we begin the second half of this government’s term in office, we consider each in turn.

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