2015 Ward Letters

My January 3, 2016 Letter discusses a mid-year assessment of the CIty’s finances.

My December 20 letter discusses the Blackstone Blvd traffic calming proposal and the Fogarty Building project.

My December 13 letter discusses traffic controls on Blackstone Boulevard, the school aid funding formula and the City’s dispute with the fire fighters.

My December 6 letter discusses the downgrading of the City’s bond rating and the school aid funding formula.

My November 29 letter provides an introduction to the property tax revaluation process.

My November 22 letter discusses the Fogarty Building project, the tax stabilization agreement program and a community meeting on economic development.

My November 15 letter discusses a community meeting on economic development, the City Council’s review of the “cluster development” study and a proposed monument to the birthplace of the writer H.P. Lovecraft.

My November 8 letter discusses neighborhood schools, economic development and the Providence Teachers Union contract.

My November 1 letter discusses sidewalk claims, regulating fallen leaves and an upcoming symposium presented by the Providence Preservation Society.

My October 25 letter discusses the Auditor General’s review of the City’s finances, the school aid funding formula and the project to improve River Road.

My October 18 letter discusses the hate-based attack on our neighborhood, the search for a Superintendent and the financial impact of the dispute with the fire fighters.

My October 12 letter discusses the fire fighters’ litigation, the City’s economic development plan and applying to join the School Board.

My September 27 letter reviews the consequences of the administration’s surprise announcement, last Thursday, that the fiscal year that the City’s last fiscal year ended on June 30 with a deficit of $5 million.

My September 20 letter discusses a traffic study for River Road, a turning point for the downtown baseball stadium proposal and using the zoning laws to regulate student housing.

My September 13 letter discusses ways for the City to manage the financial risks presented by Thursday’s ruling by the Superior Court in the fire fighters case.

My September 7 letter discusses pension reform, the trolley car proposal and fire protection costs.

My July 19 letter describes how the City took a step forward and a step backward last week.

My July 12 letter discusses the Charleston church shootings and the City’s infrastructure needs.

My July 5 letter discusses the Charleston church shootings, the City’s capital budget and the City’s operating deficits.

My June 21 letter discusses the City’s capital project needs.

My June 14 letter discusses tomorrow night’s community meeting and the City Council’s review of the budget.

My June 7 letter discusses the Finance Committee budget and the City Council’s review of it.

My May 31 letter discusses the budget and two upcoming community meetings.

My May 24 letter discusses the baseball stadium proposal, the City’s infrastructure needs and changing the current practice of  kicking the [deficit] can down the road.

My May 17 letter discusses the baseball stadium proposal, capital finance needs and closing the long-term operating deficit.

My May 10 letter discusses the streetcar plan, the City Council’s review of the budget and the downtown baseball stadium.

My May 3 letter discusses the resignation of Superintendent Lusi, the street sweeping schedule and further discussions concerning the downtown baseball stadium proposal.

My April 26 letter discusses the downtown baseball stadium proposal.

My April 19 letter discusses the City workers’ contract, bond financing and a community meeting this week sponsored by the College Hill Neighborhood Association.

My April 12 letter discusses suggestions for the upcoming City budget concerning the late tax payment penalty, the Providence Community Library and middle school sports.

My April 5 letter discusses the City Charter’s residency requirement, economic development and reviewing the City’s policing practices.

My March 29 letter discusses processing, neighborhood school assignments and City services.

My March 22 letter discusses the 257 Thayer Street project, tax stabilization agreements and the bond study commission.

My March 15 letter discusses the Governor’s budget and the Pawtucket Red Sox stadium proposal.

My March 8 letter discusses the City’s capital investment program, State aid for school construction and snow removal from sidewalks.

My March 1 letter discusses the I-195 land program, the federal block grant program and the City’s ProvConnex program.

My February 15 letter discusses snow removal, the new Education Committee and the block grant program.

My February 8 letter discusses snow removal, infrastructure repair and the automobile tax.

In my February 2, 2015 letter, I discuss neighborhood schools and economic development.

In my January 25, 2015 letter, I discuss neighborhood schools, crime prevention and a possible historic district designation for the Blackstone neighborhood.

In my January 18, 2015 letter, I discuss the school aid funding formula, a snow removal hotline and responsible fiscal policy.