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    Ward letters from 2011


         The December 31 edition of the Providence Journal published my op-ed piece (link here: pro jo 12-31-11 – af.pdf ) concerning the Achievement First mayoral academy proposal.  I recommend that the Board of Regents approve only one of the two proposed schools to permit most of the benefits of the proposal while reducing the financial impacts on the Providence Public Schools.

        In my December 19 ward letter (link here: december 19 ward letter.pdf ) I discuss the Education Subcommittee’s final report on the Achievement First charter school application and the Nonprofit Subcommittee’s report for the Revenue Study Commission.

        My December 12 ward letter (link here: 12-12 ward letter.pdf ) discusses the Achievement First charter school applicaiton and an upcoming community meeting with Lieutenant Ryan of the Providence Police Department.

        Next Monday, the Education Subcommittee will review the a draft report concerning the Achivement First charter school application you can read by clicking on this link: af education subcommittee report 4.pdf

        In my December 5 letter (link here: 12-5 ward letter.pdf ) I discuss some information we learned in last week’s hearing about the Achievement First charter school application, as well as a series of “quality of life” ordinances I worked on last week.

        My November 28 Ward Letter (link here: 11-28 ward letter.pdf ) discusses this week’s hearings in the Pension Sustainability Committee and the Education Subcommittee (which is reviewing the Achievement First charter school application), as well as the process to apply to the Providence School Board.  You can click on this link:http://www.providenceri.com/schools/nominating-commission-application to learn more about how to apply to the School Board.  You can review the Achievement First charter school application at the Department of Education’s website by clicking on this link: http://www.ride.ri.gov/commissioner/charterschools/applications.aspx .

        My November 21 Ward Letter (link here: nov. 21 ward letter.pdf ) discusses the Occupy Providence movement, the mayoral academy application, and the Revenue Commission subcommittee on nonprofit institutions.

        I wrote letters to my General Assembly representatives (Speaker Fox and Senator Perry) concerning the need for pension reform both for the State and for municipal systems.  You can read my letters by clicking on this link: pension letters.pdf

        In my November 14 letter (link here: 11-14 ward letter.pdf ) I discuss the role that nonprofit institutions (colleges, hospitals) could have in supporting the City’s finances.

        I have learned that the City’s parking enforcement program has, on at least some occasions, issued tickets to cars within one or two minutes of the expiration of time on the parking meter.  I sent this letter to the Parking administrator (click here: leo perrotta november 14.pdf ) to suggest that the possible advantages of allowing a 5-minute grace period before issuing this type of parking ticket.

        In my November 7 ward letter (link here: 11-7 ward letter.pdf ) I discuss the issues parents raised in a community meeting with Superintendent Lusi held last week.

        In my October 31 letter (link here: 10-31 ward letter.pdf ), I discuss an upcoming community meeting, the review of last year’s budget and the Achievement First mayoral academy charter school application.

        In my october 24 letter.pdf I discuss the State pension reform bill and its potential impacts on reforming the City’s pension system.

        In an October 20 letter (click here: ptu.pdf ), the Presidents of the Providence Teachers Union and Local 1033 announced they would soon be submitting a comprehensive plan to the City Council to improve the public schools are a preferred option to the Achievement First mayoral academy.

        In my october 17 letter.pdf I describe some upcoming meetings, as well how the proposed mayoral academy in Providence could impact teacher quality in the Providence Public Schools.

        Public Safety Commissioner Pare responded to my September 30 letter concerning the 2-hour delay in opening school. You can read his letter here: commissioner pare letter.pdf

        In my october 11 letter.pdf, I discuss a new City Council subcommittee organized to enact pension reform.

        My October 3 ward letter (link here: 10-3 ward letter.pdf ) describes the administration’s overnight parking program proposal.

        After the School Department announced that school would be delayed two hours to accommodate a motivational seminar downtown, I wrote this sept. 30 school delay.pdf letter to the Commissioner of Public Safety to request that better alternatives be developed in the future.

        In my september 28 letter.pdf , I discuss my decision to vote in favor of the contract with the Providence Teachers Union.

        My September 26 letter (link here:  9-26 ward letter.pdf ) discusses the framework for property tax reform adopted by the Revenue Study Commission.

        My September 14 letter (link here:  9-14 ward letter.pdf ) discusses the Council’s hearings next week on the police and teachers contracts, as well as the Council’s study of the overall property tax rate structure.

        My September 10 letter (link here:   9-10 ward letter.pdf ) discusses the Council’s upcoming review of the teachers contract.

        My September 5 letter (link here: 9-5 ward letter.pdf ) discusses the Achievement First charter school application and its possible impact on all of the school children in Providence.

         My August 30 letter (link here: 8-30 ward letter.pdf ) describes how the City pays for sidewalk repairs, and why we need to have a better infrastructure budget in the City of Providence.

         My August 4 letter (linke here: 8-4 ward letter.pdf ) discusses changes coming to the School Department as school resumes this fall.

        My July 26 letter (link here: 7-26 ward letter.pdf ) discusses the fire fighters’ contract and the proposed overnight street parking program.

        My July 17 letter (link here:  7-17 ward letter msw.pdf ) discusses the recent legislation enacted to remove the Providence School Board’s authority to approve collective bargaining agreements.

        My July 12 letter (link here: 7-12 ward letter.pdf ) describes the budget that the City Council Finance Committee approved, which changes the tax structure proposed in the Mayor’s budget.

        On July 6, I wrote a letter to Governor Chafee asking him to allow the Providence School Board and the Mayor’s office the maximum opportunity to resolve their differences before signing the General Assembly bill that removed the School Board’s power to enter into collective bargaining agreements.  Here is a link to that letter: governor chafee 7-6-11.pdf

        My July 8 letter (link here: 7-8-11 letter.pdf ) describes the options for the tax side of the budget, as well as my proposed ordinance to limit the homestead exemption to people who comply with State law concerning the in-state registration of their automobiles that are in Rhode Island for at least 30 days.

        My June 21 letter (link here: 6-21 ward letter.pdf ) describes a problem our public schools had this year in failing to provide adequate instruction time to our children, and my efforts to prevent this from happening again next year.

        My June 17 letter (link here: 6-17a ward letter.pdf ) answers the question constituents have asked me about whether municipal bankruptcy is a feasible option for restructuring the City’s finances.

        My June 16 letter (link here: 6-16 ward letter.pdf ) discusses the police contract negotiations.

        My June 10 letter (link here: 6-10 ward letter 2.pdf ) provides a further update on the Mayor’s progress in achieving budgetary savings for the 2011-12 fiscal year.

        My May 22 letter (link here: 5-22 ward letter.pdf ) provides a budget update, as does my May 27 letter (link here: 5-27 ward letter.pdf )

        My May 15 letter (link here: 5-15 ward letter.pdf ) describes the Mayor’s plan to rescind the dismissal notices sent to teachers in March and to assign them to classroom postions.

        My May 10 letter (link here: 5-10_Budget_and_Dog_Ordinance.pdf) describes the Mayor’s proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year (due to begin on July 1, 2011).
        My April 30 letter (link here:  april 30 letter.pdf ) discusses the need for more constructive engagement on the part of teacher union leadership.

        My March 22 letter (link here: March 22. 2011: A Letter to My Constituents) describes the findings of the Mayor’s fiscal oversight commission and its implications for the current and upcoming fiscal year budgets.

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  • A letter to my constituents, March 22, 2011

    Dear Fellow East Siders:

    I wish to share some thoughts about the events of the past month in our City, most of which have emanated from the March 3 report of the Municipal Finance Review Panel, which found that our City’s “structural deficit” would be $70 million this year and $110 million next year.

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