Oct. 13, 2016 Statement of Council Members Jennings, Narducci, Salvatore, Yurdin and Zurier Concerning the Infrastructure Bond

Providence City Council members Wilbur Jennings, Jr., Nicholas Narducci, David Salvatore, Seth Yurdin and Samuel Zurier issued a statement today (October 13) concerning the City’s proposed infrastructure bond which will appear on the November ballot:

“The City Council leadership is holding the infrastructure bond resolution hostage to a ransom demand of ‘slush funds’ controlled by individual members.  This ransom demand, when combined with the imminent deadline, seeks to extract political advantage from the City’s extensive infrastructure needs and scarce capital funds.  With less than a month before Election Day, the City has not provided voters enough information concerning the infrastructure bond, and time is almost up.  We urge our constituents to vote against the infrastructure bond unless a “clean” bond resolution is approved in the next week.”