Oct. 18, 2016 Statement of Council Members Jennings, Narducci, Salvatore, Yurdin and Zurier Concerning the Infrastructure Bond

Providence City Council members Wilbur Jennings, Jr., Nicholas Narducci, David Salvatore, Seth Yurdin and Samuel Zurier issued a statement today concerning the City Council leadership’s failure to approve a ‘clean’ infrastructure bond which will appear on the November ballot:

  • “It is troubling that the City Council leadership has continued to demand member-controlled slush funds rather than pass a ‘clean’ infrastructure bond.  They have placed political gamesmanship above our residents’ interest.  Their choice will deprive the City of necessary resources to repair streets, sidewalks, sewers, bridges and parks – all critical to economic development, jobs and quality of life in our city. We support Mayor Elorza’s firm stand against their proposal.  Equally troubling is the leadership’s claim that fiscal constraints drove their inability to pass the ‘clean’ bond.  All of those constraints were well known when they advanced their initial “slush fund” ordinance in July and their second proposal just two weeks ago.