2014 Ward Letters

In my February 2, 2015 letter, I discuss neighborhood schools and economic development.

In my January 25, 2015 letter, I discuss neighborhood schools, crime prevention and a possible historic district designation for the Blackstone neighborhood.

In my January 18, 2015 letter, I discuss the school aid funding formula, a snow removal hotline and responsible fiscal policy.

In my December 14 letter, I discuss the car tax, the 460 Rochambeau subdivision, the PTU tentative agreement, bus transportation and vacancies on the School Board.

In my November 30 letter, I discuss a community meeting, solar roof panels and the teachers’ contract.

In my November 23 letter, I discuss solar roof panels, lobbyist registration and two upcoming community meetings.

In my November 16 letter, I discuss two Citywide public works issues, two community meetings and an upcoming City Plan Commission meeting that will address two neighborhood concerns.

In my November 9 letter, I discuss a meeting tomorrow night concerning 460 Rochambeau Avenue, and share some observations concerning the election’s impact on the future of our City.

In my November 2 letter, I share my views about the issues Providence faces in Tuesday’s election.

My October 26 letter discusses the 2014 election campaign, a community meeting on a subdivision at Rochambeau Avenue and Blackstone Boulevard, lobbyist registration reform, harmonizing the values of environmental protection and historic preservation and tax stabilization agreements.

My October 19 letter discusses a Constitutional convention, infrastructure repairs and the school lunch program.

My October 13 letter discusses infrastructure repairs, school lunches and tax stabilization agreements.

My October 6 letter discusses the new zoning ordinance and the Providence Teachers Union contract extension.

My September 28 letter discusses the Providence Teachers Union contract, proposed improvements to the lobbyist registration ordinance and the City’s new zoning plan.

My August 24 letter discusses a possible Constitutional convention, the City’s textile recycling program and a public forum this week to hear candidates for local office.

My August 17 letter  discusses a the City’s new “one strike” policy concerning certain types of nightclub misconduct, a sidewalk repair plan and my perspective on some of the candidates and issues under discussion during the current political campaigns.

My July 13 letter discusses the tax shifting ordinance, open vending in Providence and my re-election campaign.

My July 6 letter discusses the tax shifting ordinance and the hiring of a second assistant principal at Nathan Bishop Middle School.

My June 29 letter discusses the tax shifting ordinance, a “signing party” and upcoming coffee hours to discuss City issues.

My June 22 letter  discusses a proposal to shift the tax burden between landlords and homeowners, a proposed study of City worker job descriptions and functions, and the General Assembly’s vote to postpone “high stakes testing.”

My June 15 letter discusses a proposal to shift the tax burden between landlords and homeowners, the River Road meeting and an opportunity to serve on the Ward 2 Committee.

My June 8 letter discusses campaign finance reform, a proposal to shift the tax burden between landlords and homeowners, the River Road meeting and tax stabilization agreements.

My June 1 letter discusses  the 2014-15 budget, a proposal to shift the tax burden between landlords and homeowners, and next week’s meeting to discuss River Road.

My May 25, 2014 letter discusses a proposal to enact a $15 minimum wage for hotel employees, and Wednesday’s meeting on crime watch programs.

My May 15, 2014 letter discusses two community meetings to exchange ideas on two neighborhood issues, namely crime watches and the future of River Road.

My May 11, 2014 letter discusses the City’s future under the next administration, my own plans and my request for your support.

My May 4, 2014 letter discusses campaign finance reform for City vendors, the new City zoning ordinance and the School Board’s draft policy on school autonomy.

In a March 12, 2014 meeting of the Education Committee, the Internal Auditor presented a Report from the Internal Auditor comparing teacher salary and benefits in Providence and peer communities.